The Mountains Are Calling...Are you ready?

Adventure Performance Training provides performance coaching and training plans for mountaineers, backpackers and trekkers. Preparing for a big mountain trip requires more than just endurance training. We understand the unique needs of athletes who train and perform in the mountains. All programs follow an integrated, systematic approach. This allows us to progress any athlete to any performance goal while minimizing the chance of injury.


Most athletes come to APT initially because of a failure on a big trip. Athletes stay with APT because they know the value of prevention and preparation. There are a lot of variables that determine success in the mountains, but fitness is one that is fully in your control. Stack the odds in your favor by arriving at the trailhead in the best shape of your life!


The APT athletes area is an invaluable educational resource that contains training articles, exercise videos, and trip reports to get you ready for your next adventure. The exercise video library contains over 200 exercises with videos, written descriptions, all demonstrated by a professional.


The APT Blog provides articles to help you perform at your best in the mountains. Topics include endurance, strength, fueling, exercises and much more!