Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro

I’ve been climbing big peaks for a number of years, but I have never had zero knee pain nor felt as capable at altitude as I did on my trip to Kilimanjaro in February.  James…thank you!  Unlike others I had worked with, James identified a long-standing knee stabilization issue.  The strengthening and stretching work we did eliminated the pain I had always encountered.  Also, my international work travel keeps me on the road upwards of two weeks a month. This was the case for the five months prior to my climb. James found ways to help me do all the work I needed, even while on the road when I seldom had regular access to a gym or mountains.  He also helped me improve my recovery routine, especially via specific nutrition, which made an enormous difference on the mountain.  At 57 years of age, I’ll take every bit of help I can on a big mountain like Kilimanjaro. James helped me find it, utilize it and make the most of it. Many thanks James. I’ll be back before my next big mountain trip.” Dave Gooder

Backpack The Pacific Northwest

“I first “met” James via a Google search after a miserable first backpacking trip attempt.  I was not in shape or trained for what I did – a three day trip in Glacier National Park.  I decided this was something I was going to do because the beauty of the back country is amazing!! Once I decided it became about finding someone that could help me train for the next summer.  I had tried to find someone locally but that was not a successful search.  Having found James and a phone conversation later, I was on my way to getting into the best shape of my life.  I was still in the process of losing a significant amount of weight and with James’ help I was able to accomplish both- hiking shape and lose the excess weight. That summer my husband and I accomplished a major hike in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in northeast Oregon- Francis Lake – 7.2 miles 9% grade all the way to the top elevation of over 7000 feet and then a drop over two miles to the lake. What a feeling of accomplishment !! Since that time James has continued to be my coach and we have taken many successful multi-day trips since then. Thank you James for being a coach and mentor!  Looking forward to another successful season!” Cindee Henderson

Backpack The Grand Canyon Rim To Rim

Jerry on North Kaibab Trail

“After a failed attempt at age 61 to hike to Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch, I located James Fisher online in a query as to “how to learn to hike Grand Canyon”.  That started a life changing relationship.  With his personal coaching, expert and easily understood exercises and training schedule, I completed a rim-to-rim trip with a group the following year.  James has continued to be my coach for various events since.  He is my trusted source for training and general activity.” Jerry Porter




APT Foundation Program

“It had been almost 11 months of worsening knee issues, which had finally pushed me into a knee brace. Even worse, this was during the middle of our busy season in Sedona, and there was no time to recover. I figured 16 years of catching and a quarter of my life huffing heavy bags out of deep canyons had left me with a future of chronic knee pain. That’s when I consulted one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. As an adventure mentor and performance trainer there is no equal. James Fisher is what he preaches. He’s a dedicated fitness professional, great rock climber, accomplished mountaineer, and all around outdoor adventure guru. James promptly identified my knee issues, evaluated my posture, then my stride, and eventually how I was using my knees during my specific adventure activities. The personal evaluation, exercises, and follow-up were stellar. Better, they were customized to improve my performance while hiking, backpacking, climbing, and canyoneering. And my knee…. Has NEVER felt so good!! I’m 120% back and the exercises helped solve my lower back issues too!! If you want the best, this is who you want to work with.” Jason Danoff, Trail Lovers Excursions Owner/Head Guide

Ultra Running Foundation Program

Lindsay running Nankoweap Trail, Grand Canyon

“All last year I struggled with nagging injuries (IT band and hamstring pull). Incorporating two days of functional training I can finally run (slower than I used to) without pain. I knew I needed to cross train, but did not know the correct way until I started training with James.” Lindsay Schweiller Sedona Running Company Owner






Tough Mudder Diablo Grande

“James’ steady coaching and expert advice helped me train for and complete the Diablo Grande Tough Mudder without any injuries. Even though he does remote/online coaching, he provided superb encouragement, including detailed nutrition guidance, warm-ups, stretches and well designed workouts that proved crucial for this goal. I simply could not have done it without his help. I signed up for the Tough Mudder hoping only as a goal to work towards and not necessarily complete it. When I signed up for it 5 months in advance, I only had a 5k in my bag from a month ago with a dismal 46 minute time and no other athletic achievement of sorts. I tried a beginner Crossfit program and some self training and finally had the sense to get proper training from someone who knows what they are doing. With only 3 months of coaching from James, I was able to go from a slow 45 minute run to completing the brutal Tough Mudder in 4 hours and doing remarkably well on almost all obstacles and am very thankful for his well designed training programs. I would recommend him highly for anyones advanced fitness goals.” Asit Rairkar

Half Marathon Program

“James has enabled me to run my first ever half marathon over a tough course, in a good time and most importantly, injury free!  His tremendous knowledge in fitness and nutrition, patience and structured training programs can assist anyone with accomplishing their fitness goals.  The journey through long distance running is tough, I had a few knee issues during the training, and James was able to quickly assess and adapt my training to promote healing and getting back on course.  I appreciate James’ professionalism and caring approach!  I recommend James if you have a stretch fitness goal!” Jessica Boisselle

Performance Nutrition Program

“James’ Performance Nutrition Program seminar provided our runners with critical information on nutrition and hydration. Our athletes gained useful tools to help them perform optimally and fuel effectively before, during and after their workouts.” Natalie Harlan, Northern Arizona University High Altitude Training Center

First 5K Running Program

“When I decided to run the 5K in the Sedona Marathon, I knew that James could design a training schedule for me.  I came in 3rd in my age group! I would highly recommend James.”