SMR Thoracic Erectors Foam Roll

  • Lie on the floor with the foam roll placed above the lower ribcage and below the start of the shoulder blades. 
  • Place arms across chest or behind the head for support. 
  • Raise the hips off the ground and rotate slightly to one side so that you are on the muscles and not directly on the spine.
  • Slowly roll up to the top of the shoulder blade. 
  • If any knots or tender spots are identified, hold for 30-90 seconds. 
  • To reduce pressure, let hips drop to ground during release.

SMR Lumbar Erectors Theracane

The SMR Lumbar Erectors Theracane exercise is a good way to relieve tension in the lumbar area without putting excess pressure on the area with a foam roller.

  • Hold Theracane as shown with left hand on top handle and right hand on the bottom ball. 
  • Place the curved end of the Theracane just to the side of the spine on the muslces, not the spine itself. 
  • Apply pressure to any tender spots for 30-90 seconds. 

SMR Lumbar Erectors Handheld Roller

The SMR Lumbar Erectors Handheld Roller exercise is an effective way to reduce tension in the lower back musculature without placing excess pressure on the lumbar spine from a foam roller.

  • From a standing position, hold the stick horizontally across the lumbar spine.
  • Apply pressure to one side so the roller is on the muscles to the one side of the spine (on the lumbar erectors, not the spine itself). 
  • Slowly roll up one side of the spine, staying relaxed. 
  • If you find a knot or tight spot, hold pressure for 30-90 seconds. 
  • Return to starting position and repeat on other side.

SMR Psoas Ball

The SMR Psoas Ball exercise is a great way to stretch the hard to target psoas muscle.

  • Place ball about an inch to the outside of the belly button. Lay down with arms in front of you, elbows bent. Take a deep breath.  
  • Lift torso off the ground supporting the weight on the elbows, keeping pressure on the ball. Take another deep breath.  
  • Plant forearms and gently pull forward.  Take another deep breath. 
  • Lift leg on the side the ball is positioned on.  
  • Switch sides and repeat.

SMR Piriformis Foam Roll

The SMR Piriformis Foam Roll exercise helps to relieve tension in the glutes, reducing tension on the lower back and improving hip mobility.

  • Sit on top of foam roller just below the buttock and rest the right foot on top of the left knee. 
  • Slowly roll from just below the buttock to just below the hip bone. A good landmark for finding the piriformis is if your pants have a back pocket, it would be approximately at the top of the pocket. 
  • To increase pressure, apply gentle pressure to press the right knee down.
  • Hold for 30-90 seconds.
  • Repeat on other leg. 

SMR Glutes Foam Roll

The SMR Glutes Foam Roll exercise helps to reduce tension in the glutes.

  • Place a foam roll at the top of the right leg just below the right glute (butt cheek). 
  • Place your hands at your sides and lean to the right and back. 
  • This will lift the left glute off the foam roller, placing more compression on the right glute.
  • Slowly roll up the right glute to just below the back of the right hip bone. 
  • Stop and hold for 30-90 seconds on any knots or tight spots.
  • Repeat on left glute.


SMR Tensor Fascia Latae Foam Roll

The SMR Tensor Fascia Latae Foam Roll exercise can help maintain proper hip and knee mobility and reduce the risk of IT band flare ups.

  • Lie on your side with the foam roll placed under your hip. 
  • Cross your top leg over the leg on the foam roll and place your foot on the floor.
  • The leg on the foam roll should be raised off the floor and remain that way during the exercise. 
  • Slowly roll from the knee to hip, rolling along the outer thigh, slightly in front of the knee and hip.
  • Apply prolonged pressure on tender spots for roughly 30-90 seconds depending on intensity of application. 

SMR Adductors Foam Roll

The SMR Adductors Foam Roll exercise helps to break up knots within the adductor muscles.

  • Start in elbow plank position and extend the right leg with the knee bent to just below hip level as shown.
  • Place the foam roll a few inches above the knee and slowly roll up the inner thigh to just below the groin area. 
  • When you find a tender spot, hold for 20-30 seconds. 
  • Switch legs and repeat.


  • Pushing the hips towards the floor will increase the intensity of the release.

SMR Vastus Medialis Oblique Foam Roll

  • Start lying face down with elbows on ground for support and knee up at just below hip height as shown.
  • Place the roller just above the an inch or two above the knee joint. 
  • To place pressure on the VMO (vastus medialis oblique), elevate the foot above knee height. 
  • Hold any tender areas for 30-90 seconds.
  • Switch legs and repeat.