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Climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro can be the trip of a lifetime or an entrance exam into the world of high altitude mountaineering. While not a “technical” ascent, standing on the roof of Africa requires a huge reserve of endurance to complete the climb.


The Kilimanjaro Performance Training Program includes everything you need to perform your best:

  • Dynamic warm-up to prevent injury and maximize performance
  • Cardiorespiratory Training For Sports Performance to build endurance
  • Integrated Resistance Training to improve balance, core strength and joint stability.
  • Flexibility to recover quickly and remain injury free
  • Performance Nutrition For Mountaineers to maximize performance and improve recovery time

Athlete Testimonials

Dave G. on the summit of Kilimanjaro.

“I’ve been climbing big peaks for a number of years, but I have never had zero knee pain nor felt as capable at altitude as I did on my trip to Kilimanjaro in February.  James…thank you!  Unlike others I had worked with, James identified a long-standing knee stabilization issue.  The strengthening and stretching work we did eliminated the pain I had always encountered.  Also, my international work travel keeps me on the road upwards of two weeks a month. This was the case for the five months prior to my climb. James found ways to help me do all the work I needed, even while on the road when I seldom had regular access to a gym or mountains.  He also helped me improve my recovery routine, especially via specific nutrition, which made an enormous difference on the mountain.  At 57 years of age, I’ll take every bit of help I can on a big mountain like Kilimanjaro. James helped me find it, utilize it and make the most of it. Many thanks James. I’ll be back before my next big mountain trip.” Dave Gooder