The dumbbell cobra standing single leg exercise develops balance and stability in the lower body while strengthening the postural muscles of the middle and upper back.

  • From a single leg stance, bend at the waist until your chest is at a 45 degree angle to the ground.
  • Feet should be pointing straight ahead with knees directly over the second and third toes.
  • Allow the arms to hang in front of the body with a dumbbell in each hand.
  • While keeping the abdominals tight, slowly perform shoulder extension and external rotation in a circular pattern until the arms are by the sides of the body.
  • At the end range, the palms are facing away from the body with the thumbs pointing upward and the shoulder blades are retracted and depressed.
  • Hold the end position, then slowly return to the start position.
  • Be sure not to compensate by elevating or protracting the shoulders.
  • Perform for the prescribed number of repetitions.