Performance Coaching

Preparing for a successful mountain adventure requires more than just endurance training. Performance training that integrates flexibility, endurance, core, balance, plyometrics, SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) resistance training, fueling and systematic program progressions insures you will show up for your next adventure in the best shape of your life. I started APT to work exclusively with adventure athletes focusing on mountaineering, backpacking and trekking. Athletes that are weekend warriors, working professionals and/or are in the masters age group of 30+ years old are my specialty. I only work with a small number of athletes at a time, so you can be sure that your program is being designed and monitored by a professional who has over 25 years of coaching experience specific your activity.

Here are some of the adventures we have helped our athletes prepare for recently:

  • Mountaineering: Mt. Everest Camp 3, Lobuche, Ischinca Peru (18,138′), Chopicalqui Peru (20,848′), Pisco Oeste Peru (18,872′), Grand Teton-Owen Spalding Route, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta
  • Backpacking: Mt Whitney, Havasupai Trail, John Muir Trail, Grand Canyon Rim To Rim, Appalachian Trail Section Hike Georgia, AT Section Hike 4 States (PA, MD, WV, VA), Pacific Crest Trail Section Hike
  • Trekking: Everest Base Camp, Mt Blanc Circuit, Inca Trail To Machu Picchu, Camino De Santiago
  • Hiking: Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, Appalachian Trail 4 State Challenge in Under 24 Hours,


No two athletes are the same. I designed my coaching packages to assist any athlete from basic program design to daily coaching. Every workout is designed for your current level of fitness and athletic goals. Every Adventure Performance Program is designed personally by James Fisher NASM-CPT, PES, CES/UESCA Certified Running Coach.  Daily workouts delivered in Training Peaks (a copy is also emailed to you) including PDFs of flexibility and strength circuits.


Before you commit to an APT coaching program, every athlete is given a free, no obligation 30-45 minute consultation so that we can get to know each other. I can answer any questions you have about the coaching packages, discuss your goals and assist you in selecting the best program for you. Once you have selected the training package that works best for you, we will schedule an assessment to determine your starting fitness level.


Essential Coaching Package $200 per month

The Essential Coaching Package is our most popular program and provides weekly workout/file analysis and training plan based on the previous weeks workouts.

  • Coach Communication: Weekly via phone, video, email or ¬†text
  • Training Plan Posted: Weekly on Mondays
  • Workout Review/File Analysis: Weekly
  • Training Plan Adjustements: Weekly
  • Response Time: Within 24 hours
  • Training Peaks Premium Account (A $19.95 per month value!)

Premium Coaching Package $349 per month

The Premium Coaching Package increases the workout review/file analysis to twice per week. Training plan adjustments are made as needed, and communication is unlimited.

  • Coach Communication: Unlimited via phone, email, text and video (FaceTime, Skype, Messenger)
  • Training Plan Posted: Weekly on Mondays
  • Workout Review/File Analysis: Twice per week
  • Training Plan Adjustements: As needed
  • Response Time: Within 24 hours
  • Training Peaks Premium Account (A $19.95 per month value!)

4 Week Custom Training Plan $100 per month

The 4 Week custom training plan is a great option for athletes that primarily need assistance with program design and can work well on their own.

  • Coach Communication: 30 Minute monthly coaching call and 2 Week check in via Training Peaks or Email.
  • Training Plan Posted: Every 4 Weeks
  • Workout Review/File Analysis: At the end of the 4 week training plan
  • Training Plan Adjustments: Every 4 Weeks
  • Response Time: Within 24 hours
  • Training Peaks Premium Account (A $19.95 per month value!)


A comprehensive performance assessment including a review of your health and athletic history, posture and movement assessments and sport specific performance assessments to serve as a benchmark of your starting fitness. It can also help to identify any red flags that you need to see a doctor or physical therapist before starting training. We then work together to set goals for your progress based on your assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions About APT Coaching

Is there a minimum contract or program length?

No. While we recommend at least three months of consistent coaching to see progress, athletes can benefit from as little as one month of coaching depending on the goal.