Single Leg Balance To High Knee

The single leg balance to high knee exercise develops balance specific to the trail. The ability to maintain balance on one leg while raising the other knee is required with almost every step in the backcountry.

  • Stand on left leg with foot pointed straight ahead and a slight bend in the knee. Extend arms to waist height as shown. 
  • Maintaining balance on the left leg, slowly raise the right knee to waist height.
  • Hold 2 seconds and slowly return to start position. 
  • Try not to touch the foot being lifted to the ground with each repetition. The goal is to allow it to hover an inch or two off the ground before raising the knee again.
  • Perform prescribed number of repetitions, then switch legs and repeat. 


  • Balance Beam
  • Perform exercise on foam mat
  • Try exercise with eyes closed (Stand next to a wall or other stable surface in case you lose your balance!)