The static calf stretch is an effective way to stretch two muscles of the calf musculature (gastrocnemius and soleus) at the same time.

  • Stand facing a wall or other stable surface. Legs should be in a staggered stance with both feet about shoulder width apart and pointing straight ahead. 
  • The front foot toes should be touching the wall. 
  • Bend your arms as if doing a wall push up (allowing front knee to bend towards wall), maintaining a straight line from the heel of the back foot to the hip. 
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the calf stretch by tightening the glutes and quadriceps muscles of the rear leg. Keep the heels on the ground and feet pointing straight ahead. 
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg. 

A common compensation when doing the calf stretch is to allow the toes of the rear foot to rotate out as you move into the stretch. When looking at the back foot, it should be pointing straight ahead.