Step Up To Balance

The step up to balance exercise develops strength and stabilization in the legs specific to uphill movement on the trail.

  • Stand in front of a box with feet shoulders-width apart and pointing straight ahead.
  • Step onto box with one leg, keeping toes pointing straight ahead and knee over top of the middle of the foot. 
  • Push through front heel to stand upright balancing on one leg. Straighten knee and hip to fully activate the glutes.
  • Bring the other leg up by bending at the knee and pulling the foot up so that it is parallel with the ground. 
  • Hold prescribed number of seconds.
  • Return lifted leg to the ground, followed by the opposite leg keeping toes and knee aligned.
  • Repeat for prescribed number of repetitions.    

Make it easier:

  • Take out the balance, just do a step up.
  • Decrease step height